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My 1:285 Scale Pictures

     Here's a few of my pictures...

GHQ R-5  JS-II Heavy Tank 2006_08_04_ghq_r05_js_ii_01.jpg (86071 bytes)2006_08_04_ghq_r05_js_ii_02.jpg (73775 bytes)2006_08_04_ghq_r05_js_ii_03.jpg (66825 bytes)2006_08_04_ghq_r05_js_ii_04.jpg (62439 bytes)
   These pictures were taken indoors -- and honestly, I am not pleased with the "color balance" of these pictures.  The first one was taken with the flash "on", and is truer to the actual colors.  One other note -- these pictures of the JS-II's were taken on some of my Terrain Makerę hexes.  I retouched each picture, eliminating the gaps between the hexes.  I wanted the viewer's eye drawn to the tanks themselves, and not on the gaps between the hexes.  Using Corel PhotoPaint, I used the "clone brush" to fill in the gaps.  Other than that, and resizing (to 800 x 600 pixels) and "compressing" the hexes for quicker downloading, the pictures are exactly the way the camera saw them.  I did not retouch the tanks themselves.  Overall, I'm pleased with this effort -- but I think I still have a way to go yet, in painting micro armor...
My Terrain Makerę Terrain -- 23 August 2006

   Sometimes, the best way to find out exactly what you have is to get it all out... set it up... and then take some pictures of it.  I've been making hexes for over a year at this point -- but with no particular plan in mind.  I've just made hexes to test some ideas, to see "if I could do it", or (more often) "just for fun".  Most are designed as "single hexes".  I do have a few "terrain features" that are designed as multiple hexes -- such as a bog that comprises four hexes.


   Here is what all of my completed terrain hexes look like, when put together in a somewhat-random order.  It's not a "rectangle" like a map, although that is what I was trying for.  But as I laid things out, I ran out of road hexes, river hexes, and I didn't have the "right" hillside hexes to complete the "big hill" at one edge of the board.  I guess I will now build some more road and river hexes, and maybe a hillside or two... but knowing me, I'll most likely just keep building hexes as the mood strikes...


   A couple of notes...  NONE of these pictures were retouched, other than to "compress" them so they wouldn't take up as much website space.  Also, all were "resized" to a maximum of 800 x 600 pixels (at 72 dpi) -- some are slightly small, as I cropped out "extra edges".  I made no attempt to hide any blemishes, the slight "un-evenness" of the hexes themselves, nor did I adjust color balance or anything else.  What you see is just what my digital camera saw.


   Also... all of this was done outside, on my "blacktop" driveway... in the middle of August... just before noon...  yes, I must be out of my mind!!


Pics 1-3 2006_08_23_terrain_01.jpg (74202 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_02.jpg (93732 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_03.jpg (84976 bytes)

   In Picture 1, the "plain", but multi-colored hexes to the lower left corner (and stretching both up the left side and across the bottom) are my "test hexes" -- made to "try out" different types of ground cover.  They have nothing on them except for a "uniform covering" of one particular type of ground cover.  I suppose these hexes would be good to simulate different types of crops... And I certainly would not have them going to "waste"!


   You can also see where I have two roads "going nowhere"... Obviously, I need to build some more road hexes!

Pics 4-6 2006_08_23_terrain_04.jpg (103669 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_05.jpg (106722 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_06.jpg (107431 bytes)
   At the bottom of Picture 6 is my four-hex bog, featured elsewhere on this site.  I'm including the hex which joins the bog to my river as the fourth hex...  Also, please ignore the "road to nowhere" in the lower right corner... gotta build some more road hexes!
Pics 7-9 2006_08_23_terrain_07.jpg (98360 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_08.jpg (110398 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_09.jpg (105716 bytes)

   In Picture 7, at the top, you can see a large "edge of the map" hill.  Please ignore the sudden drop-off at the left end of the hill... ran out of hillside hexes!


   Also in Picture 7, near the bottom center -- there are two crop hexes sitting next to a road hex -- where I continued the "crop hex" terrain onto the side of the road hex.  This is one I was rather pleased with how it "turned out"!

Pics 10-12 2006_08_23_terrain_10.jpg (90491 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_11.jpg (84981 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_12.jpg (74924 bytes)

   In Picture 11, you can see a "large island" that takes five hexes to complete.


   In Picture 12, you can see where one "leg" of the road turns to the right -- and stops.  Hmmm... that must be where the new development is being built!

Pics 13-15 2006_08_23_terrain_13.jpg (80360 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_14.jpg (104783 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_15.jpg (92397 bytes)

   These pictures "center" on some terrain features that I was very pleased with how they "turned out"...  In Pictures 13 and 15, you can see my stone wall I built.  


Picture 14 centers in on an orchard, as well as showing a "tight" river bend and a small island and sand bar.  After I took Picture 13, I noticed that I had not "aligned" my orchard "properly"... in Picture 14, I had turned the hex 60░ to "properly align" the orchard.

Pics 16-18 2006_08_23_terrain_16.jpg (86165 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_17.jpg (87266 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_18.jpg (95221 bytes)
   In Picture 17, just above the island -- you can see a three-hex hill.  Unfortunately, it is much easier to see the hill "live" and in 3-D, rather than looking at a 2-D picture.  This is one place where my photography doesn't do the terrain "justice"...  Also,  I might have been able to push the hexes together slightly better -- but it is easy to see the slight gap between hexes.
Pics 19-21 2006_08_23_terrain_19.jpg (86977 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_20.jpg (88265 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_21.jpg (100456 bytes)
   Picture 21 gives another view of the road / crop hex I was pointing out above in Picture 7.
Pics 22-24 2006_08_23_terrain_22.jpg (88955 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_23.jpg (92065 bytes)2006_08_23_terrain_24.jpg (75695 bytes)

   In Picture 22, you get another angle on the stone wall I built -- I think it is more visible from this angle, as the sunlight cast a more-evident shadow...


   In Picture 23, you can see the larger "edge of the map" hill.  This was made using the 1-1/2" hexes.  There are four hexes sitting atop 1-1/2" "risers" -- the three along the left edge, and a fourth at "2 o'clock" from the "top" hex in that three-hex row.

Pic 25 2006_08_23_terrain_25.jpg (115269 bytes)
GHQ W-31 MT-LB APC 2007_01_27_ghq_w31_mtlbs_1.jpg (100429 bytes)2007_01_27_ghq_w31_mtlbs_2.jpg (73148 bytes)2007_01_27_ghq_w31_mtlbs_3.jpg (63598 bytes)2007_01_27_ghq_w31_mtlbs_4.jpg (70325 bytes)2007_01_27_ghq_w31_mtlbs_5.jpg (79513 bytes)
  As with my JS-IIs (above), I "retouched" these pictures to eliminate the "gaps" between my Terrain Maker hexes.
GHQ US-90 M4A1 75mm cast-hull Sherman 2007_02_03_us_90_1.jpg (74575 bytes)2007_02_03_us_90_2.jpg (74694 bytes)2007_02_03_us_90_3.jpg (53632 bytes)2007_02_03_us_90_4.jpg (65211 bytes)2007_02_03_us_90_5.jpg (72059 bytes)
   Another set of pictures taken indoors... once again, I'm not pleased with the lighting. Someday, I'll have to take another set outdoors... or with improved lighting!  The hex the Shermans are pictured on was an experiment in creating "autumn" terrain.  And while I like it... I doubt I'll do too many hexes this way for a while -- there's just too much still to with "other" types of terrain I have to start a new set.  Maybe... someday...
GHQ's Micro-Skirmish Boards

  Here are some "first pictures" I've taken after acquiring a set of GHQ's Micro-Skirmish Boards.  The kit contains the materials to make three boards, plus 50 "standard" 1/2" hexes.  Those 50 hexes fit on the board (across the "long axis") in six rows of five hexes (30) and five rows of four hexes (20).  There are gaps, from fitting hexes into a rectangle.  To reasonably fill the board, you will have to make eight "half-hexes", which would fill in the gaps along the top and the bottom.  You could also make "hex pieces" to fill in the left and right edges...  but I don't think I'm going to.


   I am showing this Board in its as-purchased "white" color.  A tip from GHQ's Military Models Forum suggested painting the Board black, to give it a more finished look.  And I plan to do so, as I agree that the black does look more finished.  But for these pictures, I wanted to show the "factory" look.


   I would be the first to agree that my terrain has some "problems" -- there are gaps between some of the hexes, and some of my terrain features don't line up perfectly.  There are two reasons for this:  (a) the hexes are not quite perfectly cut -- the sides are not quite the same length; and (b) my "craftsmanship" is not perfect either!  I didn't get everything lined up exactly as I built the varying hexes -- with the result that the hexes are just a little bit (sometimes, more than a little bit!) from hex to hex.


   Having said that... overall, I am very pleased with the results!  Many of these hexes have shown up in my other pictures, as well as the five Sherman tanks shown moving along the road and across the bridge.

2008-07-10-pic_1.jpg (89331 bytes)2008-07-10-pic_2.jpg (89174 bytes)2008-07-10-pic_3.jpg (91848 bytes)2008-07-10-pic_4.jpg (87081 bytes)
2008-07-10-pic_5.jpg (104885 bytes)2008-07-10-pic_6.jpg (93198 bytes)2008-07-10-pic_7.jpg (99915 bytes)