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   I don't recall when and where I was "introduced" to 1:285 scale armor -- probably at a hobby shop would be most likely.  Having been enthralled by "the real thing" from TV shows and movies, books and museums; various plastic kits I'd had over the years (especially the 1:35 scale variety, starting with Tamiya kits, but then expanding to other manufacturers); and a more-than-passing interest in the 1:87 scale line made by Roco -- I suppose it was "only natural" to be taken by these little gems, too!  So-o-o-o small... and yet, so much detail!

   I know there are several manufacturers in this scale, but to this date, only two have successfully competed for my "hobby dollar" -- GHQ and C-in-C.  I know I found GHQ first; and to this day, they are the standard by which all others are judged.  To the best of my knowledge, they have the widest variety, the best detail -- and (unfortunately) they're also the most expensive.  But I'm willing to pay for that incredible level of detail; and so, apparently, are many others!  C-in-C, while somewhat less detailed, are also less expensive -- roughly two-thirds of the price for their GHQ counterparts.  There are many offerings in C-in-C's line that are not made by GHQ.  And when painted and weathered and seen from anywhere but very close up -- they match up well to their competitors.

   I have tried to compile an "all-time" list for both GHQ and C-in-C, and have included pictures where I've been able to obtain them.  I have not included price; as time passes, the price changes (and as we all know, it mainly goes up...).  In the listings, a number at the end of the listing, in parentheses, indicates how many models come in a given package.

   Unless otherwise noted and/or credited, the pictures are courtesy of the manufacturer.

   Each manufacturer-designated division has its own page.  I wanted to build one unified list, but the page just got too big and unwieldy -- between C-in-C and GHQ, there are well over a thousand different models, and the list keeps growing!

   A note on the lists; if a country name is spelled out, in Upper and Lower Case Letters, or is abbreviated with periods (such as U. S. A.), that usually signifies World War II era models; if the country name is in ALL CAPS, or abbreviated without periods (such as USA), that usually signifies post-World War II era models.  (This is more prevalent with the C-in-C models, since they only differentiate by country, not by era.)

   One other note -- I do not guarantee the absolute accuracy of these lists.  The information I'm presenting is that which I've gleaned from web sites, catalogs, and sales brochures I've had access to.  I have not confirmed these lists with their respective manufacturers.  Often, when a model is "re-done", it has been given a new number and the old casting / number has been retired.  Occasionally, though, I find that a model that I've thought was "retired" is, in fact, still in production.  But to the best of my knowledge -- these are "all-time" listings for the 1:285 armor from GHQ and C-in-C.  If you know of any additions / corrections I should make to these listings -- please let me know!


 GHQ  C-in-C



   China, People's Republic - post-1949

   France - World War II era

   Germany - World War II era

   Hungary - World War II era

   Israel - post-1948

   Italy - World War II era

   Japan - World War II era

   NATO - post-World War II era

   Poland - World War II era

   Romania - World War II era

   Russia - World War II era

   Third World - Modern era

   United Kingdom - World War II era

   United States - World War II era

   Vietnam era units

   Warsaw Pact - post-World War II era






   China, People's Republic











   United Kingdom

   United States





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