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   14-15 October 1999





   The following are pictures I took at the Corydon Scenic Railway (operated by the Louisville, New Albany and Corydon Railroad) at Corydon, Indiana on 14 October 1999, during a tour with the Illinois Central Historical Society.  Unfortunately, the Corydon Scenic Railway ceased operations after the 2002 season; the LNA&C still exists, though!

1999-10-14-r1-06.jpg (40737 bytes)

LNA&C #1951 - a 44-ton GE switcher,

nicknamed "Betty Sue"

1999-10-14-r1-07.jpg (80104 bytes) A head-on (or is it tail-on?) shot of LNA&C #1951
1999-10-14-r1-08.jpg (34366 bytes) LNA&C #1951's builder's plate
1999-10-14-r1-09.jpg (47724 bytes)

Budd "Silverliner" RDC-1 #9801

originally NYNH&H 48

1999-10-14-r1-10.jpg (38949 bytes)

Budd "Silverliner" RDC-1 #9802

originally NYNH&H 5502

1999-10-14-r1-11.jpg (41181 bytes)

Budd RDC-1's 9802 and 9801;

we would take a trip on them this day

1999-10-14-r1-12.jpg (57000 bytes) Two more RDC's sat back off "the main line"
1999-10-14-r1-13.jpg (39081 bytes) Budd RDC-1's 9802 and 9801
1999-10-14-r1-14.jpg (59968 bytes)

Barrels, tanks and a shed -- I thought this

would make a good reference picture for a modeler!

1999-10-14-r1-15.jpg (73612 bytes) Maintenance-of-way equipment
1999-10-14-r1-16.jpg (58003 bytes) After a distance, the Corydon Scenic Railway folks let us off the train, so they could stage a photo run-by
1999-10-14-r1-17.jpg (52586 bytes) The RDC's start back down the grade
1999-10-14-r1-18.jpg (39116 bytes) RDC-1 #9801
1999-10-14-r1-19.jpg (38504 bytes) RDC-1 #9802
1999-10-14-r1-20.jpg (79228 bytes) A CSR employee waits to "flag" the crossing, which led into a manufacturing plant
1999-10-14-r1-21.jpg (67195 bytes) Here they come!
1999-10-14-r1-22.jpg (76710 bytes) I was somewhat surprised by the amount of smoke!
1999-10-14-r1-23.jpg (69217 bytes) Photo run-by
1999-10-14-r1-24.jpg (71659 bytes) Now beginning to "ease-up"
1999-10-14-r1-25.jpg (51502 bytes) Budd RDC-1's 9802 and 9801 -- the "white streak" is the end of my roll of film!
1999-10-14-r2-01.jpg (70563 bytes) After the run-by, we got back aboard the train
1999-10-14-r2-02.jpg (70079 bytes) As you can see, it was a beautiful early-fall afternoon!
1999-10-14-r2-03.jpg (61291 bytes) RDC-1 #9802
1999-10-14-r2-05.jpg (60651 bytes) Later, we got off the train to get a chance to take pictures of a LNA&C freight train; the RDC's pulled into a siding.
1999-10-14-r2-06.jpg (57174 bytes) Some of us stayed close to the tracks -- others went to "higher ground"
1999-10-14-r2-07.jpg (83672 bytes) LNA&C #850, an Alco C-420 originally built as L&HR 27; still in the paint of its previous owner, Iowa Interstate
1999-10-14-r2-08.jpg (51452 bytes) Behind the flat car, a Budd Rail Car is being transported
1999-10-14-r2-09.jpg (79384 bytes) LNA&C C-420 #850
1999-10-14-r2-10.jpg (64664 bytes) The young lad in the cab was the envy of most of us railfans!
1999-10-14-r2-11.jpg (63207 bytes) LNA&C C-420 #850
1999-10-14-r2-12.jpg (78608 bytes) Tank cars HDSX 23202 and HDSX 23105
1999-10-14-r2-13.jpg (78765 bytes)

An "unmarked" caboose trails tank car HDSX 22962

a small "C. G." was stenciled near the upper right corner of the caboose

1999-10-14-r2-14.jpg (70390 bytes) Starting down a slight grade, the freight train picked up a little bit of speed
1999-10-14-r2-15.jpg (39116 bytes) The "entire" consist of the freight train
1999-10-14-r2-16.jpg (36363 bytes) The Corydon Scenic Railway "shared" tracks with a working railroad
1999-10-14-r2-17.jpg (51257 bytes) Once again, the "entire" consist of the freight train
1999-10-14-r2-21.jpg (41300 bytes) After the trip, we got a chance to take some pictures of the "departing" Budd Rail Cars
1999-10-14-r2-23.jpg (51948 bytes) Budd RDC-1's 9802 and 9801
1999-10-14-r2-24.jpg (51981 bytes) Budd RDC-1's 9802 and 9801

   The Kentucky Railway Museum at New Haven, KY, was host to the Illinois Central Historical Society's trip on 15 October 1999.  We had a nice trip that day, complete with a meal in a refurbished dining car.  And as you can see in the pictures, it was another lovely early-fall day!

1999-10-15-r1-04.jpg (52231 bytes) ATSF CF-7 #2546, leading a string of passenger cars we would travel on that day
1999-10-15-r1-05.jpg (38394 bytes) Crane - U. S. Army C-1705
1999-10-15-r1-06.jpg (33769 bytes) Crane - U. S. Army C-1705
1999-10-15-r1-07.jpg (32977 bytes) Crane - U. S. Army C-1705
1999-10-15-r1-08.jpg (43171 bytes) Crane - U. S. Army C-1705
1999-10-15-r1-09.jpg (55842 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152, backing down towards the station
1999-10-15-r1-10.jpg (64171 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-11.jpg (39929 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-12.jpg (29728 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-13.jpg (28034 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-14.jpg (59362 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-16.jpg (53550 bytes) ATSF CF-7 #2546
1999-10-15-r1-17.jpg (43029 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152; with her passenger consist in tow, she backed down from the station in preparation for a photo run-by
1999-10-15-r1-18.jpg (44806 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-19.jpg (48311 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-20.jpg (53576 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-21.jpg (45183 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-22.jpg (56850 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-23.jpg (55808 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r1-24.jpg (47427 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152; I believe that is an old Illinois Central "side-door" caboose to the right
1999-10-15-r1-25.jpg (50552 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r2-01.jpg (46470 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r2-02.jpg (47403 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r2-03.jpg (52204 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r2-04.jpg (51730 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r2-05.jpg (51432 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r2-06.jpg (48686 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r2-07.jpg (43681 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r2-08.jpg (39291 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152
1999-10-15-r2-09.jpg (39779 bytes) L&N RR Pacific (4-6-2) #152