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   Like most of this website, this is a "works in progress" -- keep checking back for updates!




       As I "get up to speed", I'm getting some more pictures posted.  Some of these were sent to me by friends, and some are from "locations unknown".  If I have one of your copyrighted pictures, please let me know and I will either give you the "photo credit" (and link to your site, if you'd like), or I will delete it from my collection.  Otherwise -- please enjoy the pictures!


ic____790_2-8-0_at_steamtown_-_scranton_pa_-_1.jpg (49662 bytes)

ICRR 2-8-0 #790

at Steamtown, Scranton, PA - date unknown

ic____790_2-8-0_at_steamtown_-_scranton_pa_-_2.jpg (35008 bytes)

ICRR 2-8-0 #790

at Steamtown, Scranton, PA - date unknown

ic___2501_0-6-0_in_boneyard_-_markham_il_yard_-_21_may_1933.jpg (36596 bytes)

ICRR 0-6-0 #2501; this had been a "shop switcher" at Markham Yard, in Markham, IL.  2501 was in the "boneyard" when this picture was taken on 21 May 1933

ic___3018_gp-40_location_unknown.jpg (29055 bytes)

ICRR GP-40 #3018

location and date unknown

ic___4026_-_the_seminole.jpg (63799 bytes)

ICRR E-8 #4026 pulling "The Seminole"

location and date unknown

e-8s_prr_4269_and_icrr_4032_circa_1967.jpg (35424 bytes)

ICRR E-8 #4032 (right)

   and PRR E-8 #4269 (left)

taken in 1967; location unknown

ic___4033_at_clinton_il_-_april_1958.jpg (69101 bytes)

ICRR E-8 #4033

Clinton, IL; April, 1958

cn_ex-ic_6262.jpg (32730 bytes)

CN (ex-ICRR) SD-60 #6262

location and date unknown

ic___8259_gp-10_-_indianapolis_in_-_1984_-_e_clark_photo.jpg (63997 bytes)

ICRR GP-10 8259 (rebuilt from GP-9 #9259)

Indianapolis, IN; 1984

photo by E. Clark

ic_gp-_9_9010_1967_-_01.jpg (35984 bytes)

ICRR GP-9 #9010

Clinton, IL; 11 November 1967

ic___9792_caboose_-_ililnois_railway_museum_-_june_1988.jpg (37396 bytes)

ICRR Caboose #9792

Illinois Railway Museum; June, 1988

ic__10874_50ft_box.jpg (21585 bytes)

ICRR #10874 - 50' Box car

location and date unknown

ic__63399_bulkhead_flat_end_view.jpg (16401 bytes)

ICRR #63399 - Bulkhead flat car (end view)

location and date unknown

cc_199002_wide-vision_caboose-_freeport_il_-_1994_march_12.jpg (39921 bytes)

CC (ex-ICRR) Wide-vision Caboose #199002

Freeport, IL; 12 March 1994

icg_199003_wide-vision_caboose_-_lena_il_-_date_unknown.jpg (34122 bytes)

ICG Wide-vision Caboose #199003

Lena, IL; date unknown

icg_199305_wide-vision_caboose_-_sullivan_il_-_4_july_1993.jpg (37914 bytes)

ICG Wide-vision Caboose #199305

Sullivan, IL; 4 July 1993






       14-15 October 1999:   The Illinois Central Historical Society's Annual Meeting and Convention was in Louisville, KY.  We took two trips:  one to the Corydon Scenic Railway (a part of the Louisville, New Albany and Corydon Railroad) at Corydon, IN, and one to the Kentucky Railway Museum at New Haven, KY.  Unfortunately, the Corydon Scenic Railway went out of business after the 2002 season.




       6-7 July 2001:  The Illinois Central Historical Society's Annual Meeting and Convention was in Champaign, IL.  We took two trips:  one to the Illinois Central's Champaign, IL yard, and one to the Monticello Railway Museum at Monticello, IL.


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   With well over 100,000 pictures, Fallen Flag Railroad Pictures is a must-see site!!


   Of course, check out the Illinois Central Historical Society!